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Keeping score at the Minors Level and above is a great to make a contribution to your child's team. Our fantastic scoreboard gives our Minors & Intermediate ( 50-70) teams the status of their game at all times. However, it takes parents to volunteer to work the scoreboard.  Please learn how to use the system and offer to keep score at your team's Home games. It helps a lot!  In addition, you get a great seat for the game in the little green booth behind home plate. This is especially great on cold days!

Running the Scoreboard

Instructions on how to use the scoreboard equipment will be posted here once we are closer to the season.

Keeping a Scorebook

You may also want to keep score in a scorebook if you are not running the score board. The scorebook helps the coach quickly see how the team is doing.  Pitch counts become extremely important in Minors and above. There are many free tutorials available online for how to keep score.  Please consider doing this for your team.

Keeping Score Online

Another great option is to keep score on your smart phone using the mobile app GameChanger.  This app creates an online boxscore making it easy for parents or grandparents who can't make the game to follow along pitch by pitch.

Note: As per NPLL rules, in the Minors Divisions and above, scorekeepers SHALL NOT ask for a time out during a game to notify the plate umpire, managers, or coaches that a player is batting out of order.