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What Do I Do?

Thank you for volunteering to support your child's team as a Team Parent. Your assistance is greatly appreciated so your Team Manager is able to focus on the kids. Your main role is to serve as a parent liaison and facilitator of the league activities. Your role is important and North Park Little League couldn't do it without you! All Team Parents need to fill out the Volunteer Application (and turn it in at an NPLL event like Registration, Assessment, or to an adult at the Snack Bar.

Duties Include:

  1. Provide parents with copies of team roster, including player names, parent names, phone numbers (your team manager has this information). Each team will receive their own team page on the league website where you can manage this information and make it available.
  2. Organize post game snacks with team families 
  3. Organize team and players for Picture Day. Remind players/parents of assigned time and location for photos. Assist Manager in distributing photos once they arrive. 
  4. Remind parents to sign up to work their two hour Snack Bar shift.
  5. Coordinate the theme of your team's basket and collect donations from player families for the silent auction and dinner dance.
  6. Coordinate purchase of trophies for distribution at the End of Season Picnic  (Good resource with low prices and great selection: Trophy Depot)
  7. Coordinate Manager/Coach's gifts and organize the End of Season Picnic.
  8. Have fun!

Remember: You don't have to manage all this on your own. Delegate to other families on the team if you need to.